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The Table Manners

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"The table manners of my family"

I thing that it is important to have good table manners. Because when you have good table manners you are polite. But every country have their own table manners. I am going to write about the table manners of my family.

I thing it is very important to wash your hands before you sit on the table and begin to eat. It is something you need to do, to least the bacteria on your hands. You don't want to get sick, because of the bacteria. And I don't thing it is good to begin eating until those you're with have been served. It is not a polite action if you eat the food before the others have been served! Place napkin in your lap. If you have chewing gum. Then please remove it before eating. Don't swallow it, throw it away.

You shall not take big portions of food. It is unnecessary. What if you cant eat it all? Then you must throw all of the foods away. Try to eat all of the foods on your table. Don't talk with your mouth full of food. It is defiantly not polite. It is rare disgusting. Don't eat to fast, don't slurp or gulp your food.

You need to threat at the table with kindness and respect. If you do that the others will also respect you. Don't reach across the table for something, ask the person next to you to pass the meal. Clean your spot at the table. Don't put your elbows on the table and you're definitely not suppose to plat with your food. Remember to thank those who have made the meal. Always say please and thank you! Clean-up your dirty table.



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