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The Trojan Prince

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                                    The Trojan Prince

        There I stood in front of the door. It was just after the time when the men set off to their duties. Now I, a sixteen-year-old boy, was stepping up to ring the doorbell to my cousin’s house. I only had one reason of being there at that moment.


        I rehearsed what I was going to say at home. I practiced and thought of every scenario. Someone was approaching the door. It had to have been the portly maid. She always seemed too inquisitive, but this time I was ready.

        I entered just be instantly questioned for my reason of being here.  I told her I was here to see Miss Ellen. I also told the loll that I was going to war. The house was well decorated. It had the décor of someone whom was affluent. The maid went to get Miss Ellen or which I assumed.


        She told me to wait there and took my hat. Recollecting on my days in the past, I know I must have seemed verdant. I heard the maid conversing with someone upstairs. I felt sick. Someone was treading their way down to meet me. I knew it wasn’t the maid, for her steps were heavier than these. By the sound of the steps, this person strode heel first. I could also still hear the maid’s utterance, but it wasn’t getting any nearer.  It must be Miss Ellen. Now, I must request the gelt in the most dignified way. It was poor Agamemnon summoning the help of Achilles.        



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