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The Unprepared Campus Recruiter

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Essay Preview: The Unprepared Campus Recruiter

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The Unprepared Campus Recruiter


Most new hires do not have the proper knowledge needed to "hit the ground" running. Companies that hire people for a certain job position such as a campus recruiter should make sure that the candidate is well qualified for the position. Being a campus recruiter for any company requires knowledge and well developed skills to accomplish the task of successfully hiring new employees on time. In society today, organization plays a major role in how well a person will be prepared. That is way it is so important to make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for a new hirer to grow and develop by offering different workshop to help enhance skills needed for different job positions. Campus recruiters most have excellent communication, organization, and time management skills to be fully prepared for his or her job.


A campus recruiter for ABC, Incorporation in this particular situation is responsible for hiring new trainees to work in the Operation Department. Carl, who appears to be under qualified for position, hires 15 new trainees to work for Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor with no problem. This is Carl first recruitment effort, and he has only been in this current position six months. Carl hires in early April with hope in having all new hires working in July. Monica, the Operation Supervisor, contacted Carl on May 15 to ensure that he was on schedule with his new position and to see if things were running smoothly. Carl was responsible for a numerous of different task such as orientation, drug testing, and a lot of other different work duties. Carl was so confident that he ensured Monica that he could handle the different tasks set before him. After Memorial Day weekend, Carl realizes that his new trainee files were incomplete, and that none of them had been tested for the mandatory drug screening. To make matters worst, he reviews the scheduling log for the training room for orientation and to only find that the room was reserved for the whole month of June for a computer training seminars. Carl is new at this position, so he encounters several problems due to not being prepared that needs to be resolved

Key Problems

Several problems are wrong with this particular case. The first problem that needs to be addressed is Carl's time management skills. In April, when Carl hired his new trainees, he should have planned and managed his time accordingly to ensure that new trainee's applications were complete in its entirety. Apparently Carl's time management skills are weak because he waited to the last week in May to do a follow- up on the new trainees' applications. Carl had plenty of time to complete this task, but because he waited to the last minute it became a problem, and it is a great indicator of poor time management skills.

The second problem that Carl encounters is his lack of organization skills. Carl shows weak organization skills because he does not set up a day or days for the new hires to come in and complete his or her application. He also appears to be unorganized because he forgets to set an appointment up to have the new trainees tested for drugs.

The last problem that Carl encounters is his inability to communicate effectively to the appropriate team members to ensure his success with the hiring process. Carl shows his lack of communication when he does not verbalize to the appropriate team member concerning having a room reserved to hold his orientation meeting. Carl was unaware of this problem until after Memorial Day. Also Carl shows his lack of communication when he does not make Monica aware of the situation after he realizes that he has drop the ball big time.

Possible Solutions

The first step that Carl should take would be to schedule a day as soon as possible to have the 15 new trainees tested for the mandatory drug screening. Once Carl complete that , Carl should make sure that the new trainees complete his or her application by a certain date before the schedule orientation or have the trainees to come in as he assist



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