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Hrm - Recruitment Term Paper - Bangladesh Garments Sector

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Essay Preview: Hrm - Recruitment Term Paper - Bangladesh Garments Sector

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In Bangladesh the garments sector is developing day by day. The recruitment & selection process is also changing and developing. We have conducted this survey from 10 different garments. Almost all the garments use more or similar process. When they need people or employees they just give a simple add in front of the factory or just attach posters. This is sufficient for getting people because the availability of labor in the market. Employees are called and then take a simple interview and after that depending on the performance they make decision about hiring or selecting the employees. This is the common practices of recruitment and selection practices in Bangladesh.

As a group we have made survey and found lots of new things. We have found that maximum garments are following the same methods of recruitment and selection. It is totally different from the theories that we have learnt. By doing this survey we thought that some small things which is ignored in this process like,

* Job description should be given for every post. This will allow employees to get a good idea about their work.

* Most of the garments don't have any HR managers. Also they don't have any HR plan too. Supervisors or Managers identify doesn't follow any HR plan too. As a result sometimes it creates problem for organization. A manager will do his own job or search employees.

* Each and every employee's medical checkup should be done before selecting and hiring. As it requires both mental and physical skills & abilities so medical test and some stress tests should be taken.

* In our country final selection is conducted by interview. Realistic job preview can also be considered in this sector.

So as far of our concern these things are missed by the organizations.



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