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The Wars Case

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Essay Preview: The Wars Case

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Journal #1

In the first section of the wars was very interesting because it explained that background information very well and allowed me to see the background of Robert. This section also showed the relationship between Robert and his family member. The development of Roberts caring side is developed through his love for animals and his sister. This section also shows Roberts transition from being innocent and naive to becoming more of a man like when he goes to the brothel. I liked the way that Roberts's character was clearly developed and that made it easy to follow Robert through his journey.

Journal #2

The second part to the novel puts Robert into the war and shows what his character is like then. Timothy Findley does a great job at showing very realistic images of the war. The realism allowed me to image what it would be like for the people there that where fighting and had to live with the horrific images they saw. Roberts's character is also still developing in this chapter with the images and thoughts that he is having after experiencing the tragedy of war.

Journal #3

In the third section there are many symbols that made me stop and think about what they meant. This part was probably my favourite sections because there are many different things that happen that all have meaning to them. It shows how Roberts's intentions are mostly always good but he ends up doing more harm most times. Like when the German sniper was at the top of the hill and Robert though he was trying to kill them but he was actually just watching the bird. The third sections shows how even in times of war and inhumanity there are still little pieces of humanity.

Journal #4

The fourth section is nice because it takes Robert out of the war and puts him into a new environment where we get to see him interact with other people as opposed to the soldiers he has been with. The way the other shows how Robert is alone even when he is surrounded by people was very interesting. Robert also keeps devolving as a character throughout this section with when Roberts having rough sex with Barbra. This shows that he is still upset and alone and he doesn't really get close to anyone.

Journal #5

In the final section of the novel Timothy brings Roberts character to a close in showing how in the end Robert made the decision to stand up for what he believed was right and in some ways this shows how he is letting go of his guilt for his sister's death. This novel was interesting and very realistic and did a great job at portraying some of the stuff that actually happens in the war.



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