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War Case

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How are the soldiers, their families, and the rest of the American public affected by war? There are several topics that will be covered including the mental, emotional, and physical impact that war can have on the American people. Conflicts have severe effects on individuals involved in battle as well as innocent bystanders. The questions will be answered; how serious is the mental, emotional, and physical problems our service members deal with on a daily basis? The truth is most would never tell you, even if you asked. The code of a soldier is to remain vigilant, and over all else, never jeopardize your comrades life. This means never speaking of what happens in combat. You always hear stories of soldiers coming back with limbs missing or prosthetic body parts, but you ever hear why they are in that situation. There are a lot of things that cannot be released to the public, for they might sound like Cindy Sheehan. Her child was killed in combat along with over 4,000 other children, mothers, fathers, and friends who paid the ultimate sacrifice to see the American nation strive. The war on terror is just the new justification for war. The reason Americans fight and die. The American fighting man asks no questions, only follows orders. This discipline dates back to the war of 1812 which was the first American war. Conflicts happen, but the consequence is so great it is almost looked at to be unfair. There are groups who feel war is wrong and, that those who volunteer to serve, are horrible. The truth is that without the small number of Americans who answer the call to battle, there would be no choice as to whether or not you served. The draft would fall into effect which would cause protesting and rioting. In other nations, serving in the military is required of its men. This is what gives the United States a superior military force.

The most common, yet harmful effect, on the individuals involved in war and those families that stand beside them for support, is PTSD. PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is one of the most common symptoms of soldiers. Soldiers come back with mental images that are so vivid and can begin at a moment's notice, either day or night. "We have our warrior ethos. Sometimes that can get in the way of helping us recognize that we need some help. War is an abnormal event and it's a traumatic event. These kinds of issues are normal reactions. If you're struggling with that and it just doesn't seem to be getting better, there's help available"("General Speaks Out about His PTSD Battle", 2010). No one knows more of this than the family who suffers with the soldier, the nation's defenders, and their loved ones. PTSD is a vicious disability that keeps you up at night unless you take medicine, gives you extreme amounts of anxiety and irritability. This proves that just one common illness among the military and civilian alike can affect not only the disabled citizen but the family members alongside. "At the same time, the number of post-traumatic stress disorder cases has soared. By 2008, more than 14,000 soldiers had been diagnosed with PTSD -- twice as many as two years before" ("General Speaks Out about His PTSD Battle", 2010). Though PTSD is the most common amongst soldiers there are other situations out there such as traumatic brain injury or TBI. Soldiers coming back from combat are tested for these symptoms and are diagnosed. Common symptoms include anything from mild headaches to severe nausea clear fluid leaking from the nose and/or ears. There are also the soldiers who come back missing body parts and so much more. Soldiers coming home go through all the fighting loneliness and they are expected to come back to tax hikes and gas prices still nearly $3.50.

War also causes economic complications among the soldiers and the American citizens. The soldiers and American citizens have several problems economically such as gas hikes and taxes. This causes so much discomfort amongst the nation today; "In 1969 gasoline was only $0.35 a gallon. By 1976 it had risen to $0.60 per gallon. And by 1980 - 81 we were shocked as gas prices rose above $1.00 for the first time. In only 12 years gasoline had risen a full dollar from $0.35 to $1.35. Gasoline



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