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The Xbox one

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Essay Preview: The Xbox one

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The Xbox One is a device that is revolutionizing the way people experience their music. Primarily a gaming system, the Xbox One was created by Microsoft with state of the art technology and released to the public in 2013.(IGN) This new Xbox allowed the installation of apps and access to the Internet giving owners access to a virtually endless supply of multimedia options.

Technology has revolutionized the way we consume and view our music. Platforms like Spotify and Apple Music allow instant access to new music and have virtually replaced the old school practice of purchasing hard copies of a musical work. YouTube provides instant access to music videos and only requires an Internet connection for access to its enormous library of free content. The Xbox One can use all of these apps (and more) to bring all of the major aspects of media consumption to one place.

The Xbox One has a massive app library and allows the music consumer unprecedented access to music and music videos. The system is projected through a TV and provides unlimited access to the users favorite music apps without the need for any other device; unlike most projection systems that require a phone or computer for operation. The Xbox One’s multitask feature makes it truly revolutionary as music consumers can watch their favorite music video while checking the weather report or change the song on their Spotify playlist in between rounds of Call of Duty (video game).

The Xbox One’s app library has made it capable of taking over many of the features, which used to be reserved for television providers. For example, when paired with premium apps like Showtime or HBO, the Xbox One can bring a concert to life on the users television screen with a few clicks. Music videos are rarely shown on television anymore, as channels like MTV have adapted to changing market conditions, and the Xbox One system can bring music videos back to the owners television screen through services like YouTube. MTV even offers an Xbox One app further providing music consumers with the content they used to need several different devices to enjoy and eliminating the need for a cable box to enjoy music content.

In this age of rapidly improving technology multitasking and consolidation has become increasingly important to music consumers. The Xbox One has become one of the most streamlined and efficient methods for consuming all multimedia content and music consumption was not left out when the Xbox One was released in 2013. The ever-expanding app library allows owners to access their favorite content through their television (and television speakers). The multitask feature allows users to pair music apps with their web browser or favorite video game in one place on one screen; a crucial need for modern day media consumers. The Xbox One provides the music consumer of today with a quick and easy platform to enjoy



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