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Xbox 360 Case Study

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Essay Preview: Xbox 360 Case Study

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What is the best gaming system on the market today? The Xbox 360 is the most versatile gaming council you can buy. It has the largest selection of award winning games with Halo and Call of Duty line of games. The Xbox council has many added attachments you can add to your gaming experience from the amazing Kinect system to something like a racing wheel for those racing fans. Not to mention the full HD game play and the endless things to do on Xbox Live.

The Xbox 360 gaming system has the largest selection of games on the market today. Xbox first became popular do to its widely famous Halo series of games. These game take place in a fantasy world with alien like creatures that you are pegged in a war against the Spartans to capture the eight Halo rings. The series of Halo games became the most selling games in history which still stands to this day. Since Halo is not the only shooter game for the Xbox 360 it is worth mentioning the Call of Duty games that in the past couple of years have been more popular than the world renown Halo games. Unlike Halo the Call of Duty games take place on earth and reenact the famous wars of the world and even some futuristic wars that could possibly happen in the future.

One of the many advantages to the Xbox 360 are the many accessories that come with the Xbox from the outstanding Kinect system that makes the gamer the controller. It is a camera that you place on the top of your TV that watches your every motion and incorporates it into the game which makes a truly active game play format. Another advantage to the Xbox 360 is the wide selection of controllers there are to choose form. They even have the option for the racing fans on the Xbox to buy a racing wheel with either paddle shifters or even a six speed gear knob. The racing wheel is the best way to fully appreciate the racing games on the incredibly realistic Xbox and even can help you hone your racing skills even more.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Xbox 360 is the amazing game play. With the full HD game playing experience to ad to the realism and the dual core processor to help the system running fast even with a great deal of load on it. The in game realistic points are not the only component that makes the Xbox stand out. It is the Xbox live feature that really stand out. It gives you the ability to play against any one in the world that has a Xbox and also allows you to download full movies directly off of Netflix to watch right at home. You can also download music off of Zune and even surf you Facebook account.

In conclusion the Xbox 360 is the most versatile gaming council you can buy. The game selection will fit any desire of game you are interested in playing. While the accessories make playing those games that much more realistic. Another strong point to the Xbox 360 is the strong processor that keeps the game play fast and smooth and the vast Xbox Live network that allows you to do all you social networking



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