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The only Network That Solely Is Dedicated to Fashion

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Essay Preview: The only Network That Solely Is Dedicated to Fashion

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* The only network that solely is dedicated to fashion

* One of most widely available niche

* On average, 1,100,000 people are watching TFC at any given point

* TFC remained loyal to only fashion opening up a new competitive dynamic

* TFC was offered in basic cable package so it had a larger available audience

* Viewers of TFC have an emotional connection to it over other networks airing fashion programs WEAKNESSES

* Women are the primary viewers - this eliminates appealing to most men

* Ads appeal to a broad group of people - there is no real narrow concentration

* Advertising is a little too expensive - it needs to come down about 10%

* There is a "mix" of viewers, hard to target one specific audience

* Competition for ad revenue

* Scored lower in viewer ratings than competing networks


* Broadcasts 24/7 (They have an opportunity to always be promoting)

* Experienced constant-revenue and profit growth above industry average

* Reached almost 80 million U.S. households

* Possess new competitive dynamics

* Hired an experienced marketer to come up with a new marketing plan

* Attracting large number of highly valued viewers, so network had opportunity to substantially grow it's ad revenue

* Core group is willing to become loyal to programming THREATS

* Broadcasts 24/7 (could run out of good, diverse programming)

* Didn't have detailed info about it's viewers

* Didn't attempt to market to any particular viewer segments

* Other channels add fashion related programming creating competition

* The concern of "breaking something that isn't broken" with a new marketing approach

* Disappointing cable subscribers and lose distribution support

* Other networks copy the new concept stealing TFC viewers

* Possibility of being dropped based off of viewers

* Targeting only certain viewers lowers diversity

* CNN and Lifetime scored higher in viewer ratings

Kat Wardell

Amanda Respess

MSCM 3330 - Case Study #1

29 February 2012

1. SWOT =

2. Dana Wheeler develops four audience segments, or clusters, that she plans to reach with The Fashion Channel's new marketing plan. These four segments are Fashionistas, Planners & Shoppers, Situationalists, and Basics. The Fashionistas are the smallest group but with the highest interest in fashion, so most likely the ones that will benefit the channel the most. The next group, Planners & Shoppers, are the people most likely to plan out what they are going to shop for rather than go out and shop on a whim based off of a passion for fashion. Situationalists are the next group most likely to "shop for certain situations," but still possess a certain appreciation for fashion. Basics, the last group, are the ones to most likely not care much about the latest trends, and won't be the



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