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Think Different and Be like Steve Jobs

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Essay Preview: Think Different and Be like Steve Jobs

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"Think Different and Be Like Steve Jobs"

A great innovator, one of the best businessmen, the most successful company ever... all these words are not occasional. They are characterizing a person who made a huge contribution to mankind and a lot of people are happy with using this product. His name is Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs is a co-founder of Apple Company, the most recognizable company, with a childhood friend Steve Wozniak. He was forced to leave the company in 1985, because of some internal power problems, but returned twelve years later. They designed, developed, and marketed the first line of personal computers, which are called Apple II series. Then, it was the Apple Lisa and, one year later, the Macintosh.

Steve Jobs' recent death has invoked a lot of discussion around his person. The financial success of Apple, the company's innovations has deemed him a genius and even people gave him a "godlike status".

While Google and Microsoft promoted openness and making their employees happy, Steve Jobs used the autocratic management approach that was keeping the employees in fear and avoided all traditional notions of business management. But how did Steve Jobs achieve the success of Apple by ignoring the well-established style of management?

The first Jobs' personal characteristic which helped to him to be successful is that he was a great visionary. In the early 1980's computers were just the machines used in a lab, but Jobs said that in the future the computer will be as a normal part of human life and every family will use computer at home. Nobody believed in his visionary until Apple came up with Macintosh. Later, when Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1996, people asked him about his vision for future. He said that in future people will be able to connect with each other through Internet and Networking and it will revolutionize the human life. And with no doubt that Steve's prediction is happened. But nobody could imagine it.

I believe that Jobs' vision of the future was dependent on his deep knowledge, understanding of the technology, and good imagination he is immersed in. And this knowledge allowed him to see that this technology will be more developed and widespread.

He was a unique leader. Everything, what was made from design to launch of a product, had to go directly through him. Jobs was controlling each part of producing the products. Every product was his own vision and if Steve Jobs comes up with a bad idea then a huge amount of resources have been wasted. Jobs never came up with bad ideas. There are almost no businesses where such approach would be possible, in which one person is responsible for everything in a company and making-decision. However, Jobs was perfect by following this approach. Effective delegation and trust in your employees are important in running a successful team.




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