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Steve Jobs Case

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Steve Jobs was truly an inspiration and a genius, both with technology and with advancements from within, as well as with business. Steve was able to determine a need in the market and fill that need by meeting consumer's expectations, way beyond what probably was thought possible at the time. He revolutionized the technology world and strategized his plan from beginning to end, making sure every step was met and executed properly.

From the beginning of the clip, he walked through each idea and implemented each to physically show the audience what he was pitching. His research and development took years with the help of a team, following his idea and supporting his idea every step of the way. This was all a part of his strategy - to devise a device that not only would be a phone, or music or computer/internet, but a device that could do it all, plus be small enough to carry or travel with and easy enough to use. Steve Jobs did just that. He spent time studying and researching the consumers' needs and used his own knowledge of computers to get a product to fill those needs.

His presentation was wonderful to watch. Personally, I am not a technology advanced lady. I actually fear computers and change with them, but because of economy today, I learn what I need to in order to stay in touch. When the IPhone came out, it meant nothing to me because I was still using an old, long, boxy phone with prepaid minutes. Having had the opportunity to finally convince myself into a smart phone, I finally understood the beauty of technology and what it had to offer. And after watching the different clips, I understood better what this man, Steve Jobs, really did - he revolutionized the cell phone age.

Steve walked through his strategy with familiarity and knowledge of the product shown. He used humor to make the presentation entertaining and captivating. I am sure it could have been boring, but he kept it simple to understand, even for the people like myself, and he kept it easy to follow. I think he presented in the right amount of time, showing the functionality of his development. He walked through the basic functions on the new IPhone, showing the user friendliness of the product. He kept the presentation simple on the slides, meaning he only showed you what was necessary and left out the 'fluff.' I found his presentation to be intriguing and it is hard for me to even go into a Best Buy, because that is how much technology interests me. I think he is a remarkable man and his idea, his concept will be looked back at in the history books.

Well a fit test looks at the external fit, the internal fit and the dynamic fit. Apple's competitive advantage is that they lead with well-structured, advanced technology and state of the art products. Their strategy is to always be ahead of the competition, which is recession-proof due to the products that they carry. Apple carries a wide array of products, meeting



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