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Steve Jobs Case

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* In 2003, when the music industry was suffering from consumers illegally downloading songs from the Internet, Apple struck deals with the major music companies and introduced the iTunes music store, providing an easy way to legally download music for a nominal price. It provided a new revenue stream for the music industry and a new and legal way to buy music for consumers.

o iTunes Store Top Music Retailer in the US ( )

o On April 28, 2004, the iTunes Music Store marked its first anniversary with 70 million songs sold, clear dominance in the paid online music market and a slight profit (

o iTunes Music Store was the first store to have a catalogue of more than one million songs (

o iTunes Music Store at that point maintained a 70% market share of legal music downloads.

* First there were mobile phones, then cell phones, then feature phones, and then sort of smartphones. But the world had never seen anything like the iPhone when it was introduced in 2007. With its touch screen, built-in apps, and an online store to buy third-party applications, it transformed a mere phone into a powerful pocket computer and launched a new industry, which Apple still leads to this day.

o One of the first mobile phones to use a multi-touch interface

o The iPhone was notable for its use of a large touchscreen for direct finger input as its main means of interaction, instead of a stylus, keyboard, and/or keypad as typical for smartphones at the time

o No comparable competition in 2007, afterwards, the smart phone market exploded with apple remaining at the head of the pack with frequent updates on its product line.

* Samsung had an internal document outlining the positive features of the iPhone compared to their own Galaxy S1. This document was leaked and lead to Apple suing Samsung for $600 million dollars and winning the case. The fact that Samsung were late to the market and based their needs to improve on Apple's product clearly shows that Steve Jobs created a definite Market leader and the others are just followers trying to catch up.





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