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Time Case

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To establish priorities you must have three catorgies set up. Staring with propriety one first need to identify with activates are most important. For example doing homework versus watching TV. Second priority is activities that are important but you have more flexiablity.For example maintaining study time.Thrid is the least important activites. For example social responsibilities like Facebook and my space. My support group is made from my family and coworkers and friends. My family understands that college classes take a lot of time during homework and studying. So in that in mind they give me the space that I need to complete my class. My coworkers support me because they know that I am attending school for I can move up in the company and that is always in courage by the employer. If I have a difficult question my coworkers often assist me with the answers like tutor. My friends are in my support team as well because they know that I take online classes so them knowing that I cannot hang out all the time. My back up plan in case my computer goes down is my job would let me stay after work to complete homework assignments. Also everyone I know has a computer. So if my computer crash I have a lot opportunities to go other places to complete my assignments. My mom lives close to me so going to her house to log on class would be my first choice. Unless there is a black out me should not worry about a backup plan. I keep up with assignments and due dates. On Mondays I print out the course material for the current week. Time management is not one of my strong points. That skill is something that I will have to work on and improve. I found it best for me to write my assignment down on paper then submit it online. What I need to do is to put my assignment and due dates on my can lender on my phone to remind me that assignments are due and also I could mark my calendar at work.



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