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Time Management Case

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Essay Preview: Time Management Case

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STSU 1100

Chapter 4

October 29, 2012

Chapter 4

Thinking Critically and Creatively

[1.] What is the definition of thinking?

Thinking is a focused cognitive activity you engage in for a reason.

[2.] What is the definition of critical thinking? Why is critical thinking important in life?

Critical thinking means to question or analyze.

Critical thinking is important because it helps you make decisions.

[3.] What are the 4 stages of critical thinking?

1.) Reasoning-The foundation of critical thinking

2.) Problem Solving- The Basic How-To's

3.) Decision Making

4.) Think about your Thinking

[4.] What is the definition of creative thinking? Why is creative thinking important in life?

Produced ideas, creative thinking is important because it gives you ideas when working on projects or assignments.

[5.] Give 6 ways to become a more creative thinker?

1.) Find new eyes

2.) Make your thoughts visible

3.) Generate ideas

4.) Let it flow

5.) Stop looking for the correct answer

6.) Don't detach you self concept

STSU 1100

[1.] 6 Things you can do to prepare for daily class attendance:

Look ahead

Do the assigned reading

Show up physically

Show up mentally

Choose your seat strategically

Maintain your health

[2.] How is being in attendance different from being engaged?

[2.] Being engaged involves active listening and taking notes during a lecture rather than being asleep in class, even when the course is boring.

[3.] The 4 stages of focused listening are:

1.) Sensing

2.) Interpreting

3.) Evaluating




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