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To Expand Students’ Creativity and Apply the Knowledge of Group Dynamic into Practical Scenario.

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Essay Preview: To Expand Students’ Creativity and Apply the Knowledge of Group Dynamic into Practical Scenario.

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PGD0015 GROUP DYNAMICS - TRI. 1 2015/2016

Group Assignments


Objective: To expand students’ creativity and apply the knowledge of group dynamic into practical scenario.


  1. Form a group consisting of 12 to15 students.
  2. Name your group.
  3. Create an item from reusable items. The item MUST be practically usable in daily life.
  4. Record the whole process (from forming a group until the completion of the item) in a video. The video must demonstrate group concepts (eg. group development, group interaction, leadership, conflict, etc).
  5. Edit the video. Your video must be between 15 – 20 minutes.
  6. You have to present the video and your item in Week 5.
  7. During the presentation (approximately 30 minutes):
  1. Play the video (15 – 20 minutes).
  2. Show and explain the item you produced (10 – 15 minutes).  As presenters, make sure that you have two-way communication with the audience.
  1. Be as creative as possible and have fun!

Evaluation Criteria:

• Demonstration of group concepts (5%)

• Effectiveness in presenting and appropriateness of video (4%)

• Creativity and practicality of the item produced (4%)

• Presentation (2%)

Notes: Rehearsing ahead of time is strongly advised before the presentation. Stay within the time limit and be sure to test out your technology before the presentations. We all know that technical problems can and do occur, so have a back-up plan in case your technology fails.


This is another group project, consisting of the SAME members/students.

Instruction: Describe your video tasks in written pages (please attach the video-cd/dvd/pendrive, to your report). Elaborate your explanation on the activities you have noted in your Group Dynamics context:

1. How did the group decide on the idea of the item created?

2. How did the group decide on the group concepts demonstrated in the video?

3. Which members were more involved in the planning process?

4. Which members were less involved in the planning process?

5. Who were the most influential members in your group?

6. Whose behavior surprised you and how?

7. Were anyone’s ideas being ignored or criticized? What happened then?

8. Whose creativity came out strongly in the process?

9. Who seemed to be most comfortable presenting in front of others?

10. Did you have a good leader? What type of leadership style had he/she applied? If your leader did not play his role, did anyone take over his role?

11. Did anyone withdraw and watch from the sidelines? If so, who?



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