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Tourism - Improvement of Living Standards and Capital Income

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Essay Preview: Tourism - Improvement of Living Standards and Capital Income

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With the improvement of living standards and capital income, more and more people can choose to go out to travel, which promotes the booming development of tourism. Tourism has become one of the major industries in the world, and the number of tourists and economic tourism consumption increases significantly every year. Although tourism brings local economic income and tourist transportation, it also has some inevitable impacts. This essay will focus on the impact of tourism development, including promoting the local economy, addressing the employment problems of local people, and bringing the region to the world to let the world know about this tourist attraction. However, there are still some unfavorable factors that are inevitable, such as the destruction of the local environment, the destruction of local culture and traditions by foreign tourists, and the seasonal fluctuations in tourism.


Tourism plays a very important role in the development of the local economy. Some tourism-oriented countries, such as Thailand and Vietnam, are particularly affected by the tourism economy. Kasikorn Research Center expects the number of international tourists traveling to Thailand in 2019 to reach 39.00-39.80 million people, up 2.1-4.1 percent year over year and generate tourism receipt of approximately Thai baht 2.16-2.20 trillion, up 6.9-8.9 percent year over year (Thailand's Tourism Industry Outlook, 2019). And various phenomena are indicating that the economic contribution rate of tourism to some regions will continue to increase. According to MBIE, tourist numbers in New Zealand are forecast to reach 4.9 million in 2023, up 39% form 2016 – a growth rate of 4.8% per year. This would inject $15.3 billion into the economy in 2023 (Deloittle, 2017). Tourism can bring a lot of employment service jobs, which solves the local employment problem, and many people can live a stable life. The most important thing is that the development of tourism can push this region to the world platform, let more people see the excellence of this region, and then attract more people to contribute to the economy.

However, tourism sometimes has some inevitable troubles for the local area. Tourism may damage the local environment, some irregular tourists throw litter at tourist attractions, bringing irreversible pollution problems to the environment. The destruction of local culture and traditions by foreign tourists.  (2017, July 21) described that Uluru is one of Australia’s most iconic images, Uluru is a sacred place in Pitjantjatjara Anangu, where residents require travelers not to climb rocks, but still, more than 30% of tourists choose to climb. The last shortcoming is that tourism is unstable in some areas. Landscapes in many areas may be appreciated in certain months, such as maple leaves. Once the season is missed, there may be no economic income in this tourist area for a year. This is the impact of seasonal fluctuations in tourism. For some areas that are close to the sea, once in the winter or when the weather turns cold, few tourists come here to visit.



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