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Traditional Vs online Education

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Essay Preview: Traditional Vs online Education

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Online Versus Traditional Education

Education is offered in many different forms today. The two most popular resources for continuing education are the online and traditional classes. Not too long ago online education offered no competition to the traditional education. But today, the number of people enrolling in online education programs is growing at a very high rate. Some people are choosing the online education because it has some advantages over the traditional route. Although they seem similar, the two have several differences that you must consider when making your choice of education method. " In fact, many employers who are familiar with online education often like the attributes of typical online learners, he says. These students are often independent, self-motivated, and well organized, he says" (Carnevale).

One of the first factors that people must consider when choosing between online and traditional education is the difference in cost between the two. One way that the cost of an online education can be somewhat cheaper than the traditional way is because of the cost of gas. When you travel to a traditional classes you must endure the cost of fuel, whereas with the online class does not require you to do that. Another financial decision to consider is the cost of textbooks. The traditional classes always require you to purchase expensive textbooks. When choosing an online class, many times you can download all the resource information required through the website.

Another big factor that must be weighed is the pace at which you move throughout the courses. "The Internet reinforces the conception of students as active agents in the process of learning, not as passive recipients of knowledge from teachers and authoritative texts" (Rudenstine). With the online classes, many times you can study as fast or slow as you need. On the other hand, the traditional class is set up to where the entire classes goes at the same pace. The traditional method can sometimes allow someone who doesn't fully understand the material to be pushed along faster that they might need to and thus cause them to fail. The advantage of the online classes can be difference in someone passing or failing a much needed subject.

The last and maybe most important difference between online and traditional classes is the convenience. This may be the biggest reason alone why people have begun to choose the online education over the traditional way. When you are enrolled in a traditional class, you will always have set times and days of when you must attend. Sometimes it is very difficult to always make it to class every time. Whereas, with online classes, often you can set your schedule according to your personal needs. If you work or have kids, this can be a very important factor that can make the decision an easy one.

In conclusion, when considering your education future,



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