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Unlv online Education

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Topic: UNLV online education

For speech 2, I will talk about disadvantages of online education for UNLV. My thesis is that UNLV offer students online courses to complete education; however, online education has disadvantages for student such as require more time, lack of communication, have more freedom which is too dangerous. I will focus on the communication and freedom parts to discuss the disadvantage of online education for UNLV, and UNLV should reduce online courses.

The reason I choose this topic because online education is becoming a way in which many people are obtaining their degree. Many students who study in the UNLV have experiences about online course. Some of them like to take online courses again, but others does not did the good work at online course and do not like it. Because there are many of benefits of online course for school and students, so UNLV want to gain more online course, and I think that is a issue for students. Though there are advantages for many people, there are still some disadvantages that people should consider before they venture into earning their degree online. I will focus my audiences to college students. Most of students have their personal opinions for online education, but they may not know the facts that I will prove in my speech. After my speech, I hope my audiences will learn some about the online education and thinking deeply before take online courses.

I will use UNLV library to research evidences to support my thesis. I already found a lot of credible sources for online education from UNLV library, but until now, I do not decide which evidences or examples I will use. According to the assignment sheet, I will use least four evidences.



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