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Online Vs. Traditional Education

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Essay Preview: Online Vs. Traditional Education

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Which is better choice for earning a degree; online or on campus? Whether you are taking the step to further your education or advance in your workplace. Weighing the options, online education may be just as good as an option as on campus education. Furthering your education can improve your life by providing a whole new expansion of options. When it comes down to online education and traditional education, there is no difference between degrees obtained online and those earned on campus. If you are one of those individuals considering college, it is a huge idea to take into consideration all the factors such as cost, learning styles, and flexibility in this paper. All in all, understanding the pros and cons of each program before making a certain choice will benefit you in the long run.

First and foremost because of the rising cost of living and unemployment rates, people are putting off earning a degree because the cost of attending college. For many individuals, the cost of attending college may be a wary decision to make in the economic down turn and is an important consideration for many. Although the tuition fees may seem impossible to afford there are scholarships, student loans, and grants to help you get through college. Online and on campus share some of the same costs such as tuition, supplies and textbooks. Depending on your situation you may save money by getting your degree online by not having to pay for traveling expenses and rent. Basically, concerning the cost online can be the same amount of money as on campus. However, if you are saving money on traveling, meals, and board expenses you may make up for those expenses by paying for up-to-date technology for online schooling. At a traditional college they ask you to pay for additional fees such as equipment use and lab fees. In contrast, online colleges only ask you to pay for just the classes without any additional fees. Therefore depending on your life situation, one may option may be cheaper than the other.

Subsequently knowing your learning style will help you choose a college that better fits your needs. Interaction with students and professors are the same when completing school online and offline. You can communicate with your professors and classmates through the discussion forum and chat rooms. One of the major differences is the convenience of communication with your professors. While traditional schools are much larger classes it can be merely impossible to have one-on-one contact for extra help. On the contrary online schooling you can simply send an e-mail and receive extra help without the wait and hassle. If you are a shy person and don't feel comfortable enough to participate in an on-campus classroom, online school may be a superior choice. With online discussion, shy individuals will be able to engage with other students. There are plenty of individuals who consider online schooling because it is a much friendly atmosphere where you aren't judged by your race, age, physical appearance, and disabilities. Although, on campus allows you to communicate live and in person. Networking has evolved greatly. Nowadays individual



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