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Tribe Case

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NEED ONLY some maintenance ADJUSTMENTS...

Hey, You Can't Get a Car With STYLE Cheaper Than This!!!

93 Pontiac Sunbird - Sporty 2-Door - Red - GREAT RUNNER


169K Miles - 6cyl with excellent gas mileage - Automatic

Will eventually might need some basic work. Check it out!!!

Thick Sporty Chrome Muffler Tailpipe with great sound when you revvv itttt uppp!!!

First with cash gets it! Life is full of challenges and obstacles, this serve as a foundation to a person to learn from it so that next time they already know what they supposed to do when it happen again. Gail Dever said. "Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination. And dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe." I have faced many obstacles, but like Gail Devers says. I've worked hard, stayed focused, and truly believe that I will be successful in the end. The one I'm working the hardest to conquer are the hurdles to my education. As a new students to the United States. I had no knowledge of how the school system and requirements for college worked. Also my school did not really know how to handle foreign students like me with things like which classes to put me in or what to count from my old transcript. Things like that made my schedule of my first year of school very confusing. And on top of learning in my classes and confusing schedule, I had to adapt to a totally different system of school. One example was on my first day of class, I did not know that when the bell rings you need to go to your next class, listed on the yellow paper, so I just stay in my first period until someone explained it to me. In my country the teacher is the one who switches rooms, not the student. And because I was not totally comfortable with English I was too shy to talk to others because I was afraid that they would not understand me.

I have started to overcome these barriers with different methods. First of all. I've made some friends that speak Tagalog as well and they were able to help translate and explain things to me when I didn't understand. Also, my perspective in life changed. My first week living here was really horrible. I wanted to go back and,-do everything I could just to be out of this country. But now my mind is open and I realize that even though I love the Philippines, there is much more opportunity here in United States. Since I was forced to



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