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Trifles Case

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Mr. Hale says, "Well, women are used to worrying over trifles." (The two women move a little closer together.)

I think it's an obvious example which can express how men regarded women and considered that all what women cared about were those unimportant things which was taken for granted in that era. Also, this statement made the two women be a little nervous or felt embarrassing so that they move closer to each other.

This is just another example of how the men saw women as inferior and the often hard work that they did as frivolous. Mr. Hale mirrors those feelings with his own degrading comment that implies that all of women's work is only "trifles." The men had no respect for the women's trivial role as a homemaker. It is his contempt for the lives of women that causes the two women to bond, not only with each other, but with Mrs. Wright as well. The women have no response to this judgment except to timidly "move a little closer together".

In Trifles, the men criticize the women's thoughts and opinions. The men even make fun of the women. When looking closer, the wives talk about their lives and responsibilities. One can see that the wives in these marriages are also restricted to being homemakers and mothers. The males agree that there was not much more for their wives to do other than being a homemaker or a mother to their children.

Clearly, we see in the play, how men treat the women. As if whatever women did were unimportant little things like trifles. The men were so narrow minded that they thought they were better.



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