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True Case

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the land of the aztecas is known for the generations of stories and legends that have been told through the decendants for hundreds of years. but one legend is more important then all the rest combined. this is the legend of the serpiente emplumada, quezalcoalt.

once upon a time a long time ago there was a littlle boy down by the ocean. little did he know he was it was land of the aztecas. it was a beautiful day. the ocean was soothing and you could here they rumor de la ojas. this boy wasnt from here, for one he didn't look like the natives. his hair was blond, he had green eyes, spoke spanish, and the color of his skin was different. one day a messanger from the aztecas saw the little boy just wandering around. he informs the king, misquak. the king tells the messanger to bring the boy to him at once. when the child was brought to misquak, he decides the boy would become his son. he named him quezalcoalt. misquak taught him the language and the ways of the aztecas. he also taught him how to be a good ruler so when he got older he could fill his fathers shoes. when misquak died quezalcoalt was old enough and ready to take charge. when he was the king he taught the people how to plant and harvest corn. this was something he had remembered from his childhood before e became misquaks son. after they learned how to do this the people thought that he was a god.the people thought he would buen aguero. era muy atrevido.

but with a great ruler comes someone who is very jealious. tecatixcoca, el dios de la infermundo,makes a plan to strike down quezalcoalt. so he transforms himself into an old man so he wont be reconginzedand makes some pulque. he goes to the palace and tells the messanger, he needs to see quezacoalt to give him a gift. the messanger tells him no because quezalcoalt was sleeping. while they were argueing, quezalcoalt woke up. he settles the dispute by accepting the gift. quezalcoalt does not know that the gift he was about to drink was pulque. after finishing the whole jug of pulque, he starts dancing with his messenger then disappearing after leaving the palace drunk.the next morning he wakes up ashamed of himself. He knows that he has done wrong. He goes back to the palace to go tell his messenger he is leaving because he was no longer a pure ruler. Hearing this made the messenger very sad and wanted him to stay. Estaba sordo to the fact that he did wrong and could no longer be a good ruler. He does tell the messenger that he will return by the ocean to reclaim his thrown.

In the end years later montezuma thought quezacoalt had returned not knowing it was Hernan Cortez.



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