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Turkey Case

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Literature is the expression of ideas in written forms. It tells a story expressed ideas or informs about information. To me literature is any collection of written words that makes sense and conveys information. Reading improves our cognitive functions it also gives us a better understanding of language. It naturally teaches us correct spelling and grammar; these abilities would help us greatly in the professional world. Reading just plain makes us smarter and it helps us in the professional world. These abilities would also help us with interactions with other people.

The three best fiction books I have read were Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The kingdom of shadow, and the book of Cain. It may be kind of common to reference a Harry Potter book but the last one was a very good read. In the end we all knew Harry was going to win but the way it happened was unexpected and interesting. The kingdom of shadow a much lesser known book about a lost group of Soldiers in Mead evil time that stumbles upon a city that appears only once every 100 years. It's a dark tail that tricks the reader into thinking it's a much happier story than it turns out to be. The book of Cain is a book written by many authors that is supposed to be an autobiography of a man named Cain and his life travels. I like it because it reads exactly like it an autobiography but its fiction.

His values were swayed easily by the fact that he had a crush on a pretty girl. He has gotten out of a relationship he clearly was not over yet got peed on by a dog and met a petty girl. I guarantee if the owner of that dog was a guy his reaction would have been very different and he would have never set of on this wacky set of turkey related misadventures. He compromised his beliefs so easily because he was in lust.

Alena seemed like she stuck to her values through the whole story; I dint see any contradictions such as her eating meat or wearing fur. She was very passionate about her values and was willing to even break laws and commit major crimes to follow them. I understand her desire for justice however it was her idea of what justice should be and not real justice she was blinded by her values.

Alena only had more integrity because she stuck to her values. Jim was week and caved to the pressure of a pretty woman forsaking his job and believes. Alena is a criminal and lacks integrity however she has more than Jim simply because she stuck to her morals however weak they may have been. I suppose the theme is to stick to your values and not let others change you. In the end the turkeys died and Jim got back to eating meat so not much really changed aside from the fact that he will probably be looking for a new job after all that lying to his boss.

Jims assumptions that he was doing the right thing with the turkeys and that Alena loved him both got dashed by the end of the story. One by the turkeys getting run down on the interstate



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