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Turkey Farming - Marketing

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Marketing Strategy


For our business, we will use competition based pricing strategy for our products (live Bird and meat). In which we will solely focus on what the competition is charging and will strive to meet those prices. This strategy will benefit us to reduce competition in terms of price. We prefer this strategy because, this approach has the virtue of being simple: It's an easy way to make a pricing decision without having to conduct any thorough market research. It also seems relatively safe: By setting a price close to the rival's and adjusting with it, a firm does not risk losing its market share to the competition. Therefore, to avoid future troubles it would be better to go according to market.



Live turkey Bird

Rs. 5000

Turkey Meat

Rs. 11000

Account Receivable: To maintain a good relation with customer we will sell our product on credit and give margin of one week for paying amount specially superstores. The purpose of doing, is to attract of customer and to build lost term relationship.


The strategies which will be adopted for promoting our product will be:

Personal Selling: we will sell our product by communicating with the potential buyer (or buyers) Face-to-Face. The main thing that sets personal selling apart from other methods of selling is that the salesperson conducts business with the customer in person. Personal selling is more effective for our business and to make it effective we will hire skilled salesperson who will be able to deal, represent and promote our product in the marketplace.

Sales promotion: To grab customer’s attention, increase sales and to build a long term good relation with customers, sales promotion techniques will be adopted.

  • We will offer discounts to our customers who purchase excess quantity than regular days.
  • Free sample of meat will also be provided to interested customers for surety and building their trust.

Facebook Page: As trend of social media is emerging so doing promotion will be helpful for our business, because it’s the cheapest source and it also provides access to millions of target audience that can be converted into potential customers, two sided communication will help in sharing of different information, providing customer support will be easy which will help us to respond quickly to queries and resolve problems faster as well. This increases the level of satisfaction of the customer and can help in developing personal relationships with them, promoting brand loyalty.  

List of customers.




Movenpick Karachi

Okra restaurant


Z’apa restaurant


Fujiyama (Awari tower)




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