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Two Meanings of the Word Hapiness

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Essay Preview: Two Meanings of the Word Hapiness

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The way I see it, flourishing happiness is where you are living up to the most of your well being. It is where a person feels the positive energies around them, and ultimately gives it back to their peers. Flourishing happiness seems to deal with people’s everyday relationships as well as their overall health. However, all of these outcomes depend on weather or not a person feels successful or even accomplished in their lives. Generally, people always have the want and wish to succeed, but it is not always an easy process. For example, if a person were to study ten hours for their upcoming philosophy exam, and then ultimately receive an “A” they would feel extremely happy with themselves, and overall be accomplished. Moving on from the flourishing aspects of happiness, there is also a psychological state of happiness. I believe that this refers to a person's mental health, and overall state of happiness that externalities do not have to play a part in. For example being physically active and regularly participating in some sort of exercise definitely adds to a person’s happiness. This is due to the fact that a person generally feels more healthy about themselves. Along with this, going to church and maintaining a spiritual faith can bring people to a state of happiness. I think that it is possible to have psychological happiness without flourishing happiness, but it would be very hard to do. Personally, I try to spread a positive energy to my peers, and ultimately believe that this is a reason why I can remain happy. However, I understand the case that someone maybe is remaining mentally happy by doing their own thing, and not really socializing. I definitely think that it all depends on each person individually, and their own motifs and beliefs. I do think that it would be hard to do the opposite as well. For, in order to be flourishing in happiness a person should already maintain a good state of mind. Through interactions with the public, a person should be able to overall be more happy.



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