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Two Visual Works of Art

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Essay Preview: Two Visual Works of Art

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Two visual works of art Between ancient Greece and Rome to the Renaissance.

The two chosen works: Laocoön and his sons & Pietá

This paper is not based on research!!! -Minimal outside research to identify your chosen works

**This paper is an analysis based on your perceptions of the works, along with the historical context.


-Discuss the two works



=cultural influences

-IMPORTANT==This is not a "regurgitation" of the information already available on the internet

-Demonstrate your view and analyze the works regarding how the two works of art illustrate something significant about the different time period, cultures, styles, or people they represent.


I. Select the two works of art that you will analyze. They should be from two different time periods or styles, but they should also have some common elements (such as subject matter, symbolism, or structure). If possible, provide multiple images of your chosen pieces (from websites and online sources), with different angles or views.

II. "Read" your works of art and describe them in your own words. Refer to Understanding Formal Analysis for information on describing the works.

◦ Look closely and critically at your works of art, breaking them down into their "parts"--line, shape, color, and composition.

◦ Consider what the works have in common and how they are different, both visually and in terms of their meaning.

◦ Ask yourself the following kinds of questions: What does each work represent from its time period? What visual elements show that this work is from that time period? What does it symbolize?

III. Outline your ideas and draft your paper.

◦ Introduction

▪ Introduce your two works of art. Provide the general information (date, title artist, and medium) and include images or hyperlinks to these works directly under this information.

▪ Present your thesis. What are you going to "show" in terms of how they are similar and different, in their visual, historical, and cultural contexts?

◦ Visual description: Describe and "show" your reader the details you want to focus on. Include historical/cultural points illustrated by each



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