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Types of Cars

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Eddy Jerome EAP 1540 Friday, May 26th 2011 Classification Essay

Types Of Cars

Over hundred years Cars have been existed; the first one in America was created by Henry Ford in 1908. Have you ever had a car? Do you know how to drive a car? Did you know that the car is one of scientific discoveries? As we know, cars can be classified in several types such as Sports car, family car, and SUV car.

The first type is the sport car that one is often using in sport activity. For example, almost twice a year we organize that activity sportive in Miami Stadium, in that place people bring their sports cars to participate in a competition. In addition, Sports Cars usually used for enjoy with your friend, for fancy, and for relaxed even though it is an expensive car. Also, Sport Car is very comfortable, nice, and suitable on the road.

The second type is a family car, in that one you can do a lot of activity as well as brings your family to church. Moreover, you can to the beach, organize daily activity like drop your kids at school. Furthermore, every single family in the United States has a family car because, that one is one of the most popular cars. An additional reason is that the family car has much space to carry your luggage, and it is very comfortable to seat on it.

The last type is SUV car. As you know, you see them everywhere these days on the highways, on the way to work, parked in every driveway, and several of them by every shopping center. Another reason is that the SUV car helps you to go to the mountain road easily, and it comes to safety. And, the SUV car seems like bigger the body is on it; the more popular it is; the SUV's we see on the roads today are still a normal size car compared to the coming future models. On the other hand, it is one of the more dangerous vehicles on the road, and the road is exactly the place they should not be.

As you can see, cars can be classified in many ways like sport car, family car, and SUV car. All those explication above can give you an idea about each category of car. I exhort each my classmates before you buy a car, you have to think about what kind of one you need.



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