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Understanding City Logistics

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Essay Preview: Understanding City Logistics

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Copas again. This is the result of the task subjects Sustainable Manufacturing. When it's me and my classmates were divided into into several groups. Each group is required to address topics related to sustainable development. Incidentally my group, because it comes from the same study program that is Supply Chain (supply chain), finally choosing a theme that is closely related to the supply chain of knowledge. And the theme of City Logistics is a group I discuss. Thanks to Ahmad Fatih Fudhla, ST and Ruth Ardia Sari, ST has worked well in these tasks. Like the previous post as an intro so only a part of the task is displayed here.

Understanding City logistics

City logistics is a concept of the management and optimization processes in the urban transport, passenger transportation and all transportation movements within the city that have an impact on the natural environment, social environment, and activity in a particular city.

City logistics or can be referred to as urban logistics activities associated with the movement and storage of goods to meet the needs of business, industry, and community in an urban area. Broadly speaking, the activity in the city logistics are as follows:

* Transportation

* Handling and storage of goods

* Inventory management

* Waste and return

In the context of city logistics, objectives to be achieved is to create an effective flow of goods (on time, number, and location) in an efficient manner with a non-commercial considerations such as the impact on air pollution, traffic congestion, and the convenience of non-logistics activities that occur in the city. Urban logistics management should strive to reduce the number of trucks, vehicle kilometers, and the frequency of deliveries in the city so it is more economical for the company and also better than the side of the air quality, noise, and speed the destruction of the road. In a reference mentioned that in the metropolis in general contribute to the movement of goods 20% - 30% of the total vehicle kilometers and 16% - 50% of air pollution emissions.

City logistics and Sustainable Development

When traced further, the meaning and purpose of city logistics, real city logistics concept is closely related to concept development sustanable. Basically, the goals to be achieved by the application of sustainable development is a Quality of Life (QoL) terntentu at this time and also consider the QoL for generations to come. Similarly, the concept of city logistics, such as the understanding of this concept has been discussed previously, this concept seeks to manage and optimize the flow of goods and passenger flows in the city with respect to their impact on the natural environment, social environment, other activities with the ultimate goal of relevant to the purpose of the concept of sustainable development itself, reaching a certain level of QoL. To illustrate the above explanation, Figure 1 shows how these two concepts are mutually beirisan.

Figure 1. Intersection between the concept of City Logistics and Sustainable Development

Logistic problems in the City in relation to Sustainable Development

In a city logistics concept, there are three main actors involved in the Government system



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