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Upgrade and to Fix Known Problems in Computer Network

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Essay Preview: Upgrade and to Fix Known Problems in Computer Network

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Robert Ritchie

Kaplan University

Table of contents

Table of contents 2

Introduction 3

Goals 3 & 4

Updating operating system 4

Eliminating noise or interference 4 & 5

Security 5 & 6

VoIP 6

Summary 7

Network before upgrades and enhancements 8

Network after upgrades and enhancements 9

Timeline 10

Vendors and cost of equipment 10 & 11

References 12


This is a proposal to upgrade and to fix known problems in my home network. Currently my network has three computers a wireless router and a modem. The computers are all running different operating systems. The first computer is running Microsoft server 2003. On the server it has dynamic naming system (DNS) and active directory. Currently I am using active directory for security functions such as making users and groups in controlling passwords. The second computer is running Windows Vista and the third computer is running Windows XP.

The server computer is hardwired using cat six twisted-pair Ethernet cord from the router to the computer. The other two computers are using wireless cards in the computers to connect to the router using 2.5 GHz. The router is a Netgear N600 wireless dual band router with the two bandwidths of 2.5 GHz and 5.0 GHz with a speed of 300+ megabytes per second. The modem that I am using is from my Internet service provider Mediacom it is a cable modem running with speed of one up and 12 down unfortunately that's all the information I have about it. As of right now the IP addresses for my network is the server is, the Vista computer is, and the XP computer is The subnet mask is which is a class C. network.


The goals for this project are upgraded the two computers to Windows 7 and purchase two more computers with Windows 7 already on. By doing this I can eliminate problems that I may have by running different operating systems on my client computers. This also allow us all that use these computers to work with the same style of operating system that they would on any other computer on my network. The second goal will be to eliminate as much noise or interference that I may have from using wireless networking. This will require upgrading the wireless cards in the two older computers so that way they are able to use the 5.0 GHz instead of the 2.5 and may require additional equipment to give the best opportunity for this. The third goal is to upgrade the security of my network by adding a physical firewall in front of the router to prevent any attacks on my network. I will also be using active directory to meet users and groups and set permissions and passwords for all users. I will also be using the function so the router to lockout websites that I deem inappropriate. The fourth goal for my network is to upgrade my network to handle voice over Internet protocol (voIP).

Upgrading operating systems

Upgrading to Windows 7 for the two older computers is more of a want instead of in need. With that being said I have looked at both computers to see if they meet the requirements to run Windows 7 and they are 1 GHz or faster 32-bit, 1 GB RAM 32-bit, 16 GB available hard disk space 32-bit, DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver. Both computers have more than the minimum requirements to have Windows 7 operating system installed onto them. The two new computers will already have Windows 7 operating system preinstalled on them. To two new computers that I am suggesting are "HP TouchSmart 520-1050 Desktop Computer"( HP TouchSmart (n.d.). By having Windows 7 on all the computers except for the server computer each one of the users for these computers will be able to navigate through the operating system with ease. It also helps as a network administrator to be able to navigate through the same operating system throughout the network. The only disadvantage that I can see would be the cost of upgrading the two computers to Windows 7(Microsoft Windows 7 (n.d.).

Eliminating noise or interference

The modem uses a cable in order to send and receive information from the Internet. The cable itself has protection on it to prevent noise interference. The modem is connected to the router using cat six twisted-pair Ethernet cord which has a coating around it to prevent noise interference. The server computer is also connected to the router using cat six Ethernet cord to ensure a good connection to the router. Each one of the computers except for the server computer will be connected to the router using the 5.0 GHz wireless transmitter. Instead of installing wireless 5 GHz transmitters



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