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Problems with the Social Network

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Essay Preview: Problems with the Social Network

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Problems with the Social Network

Hi everyone do you think many teens or elders these days just can't figure out the difference between the social network and reality? Or do you feel social network issues is way out of hand and too paranoid? Perhaps you know what the difference between reality and the social network is or maybe life is more at ease with no worries. Why worry when you have all you need right there, why bother going outside, why do anything in the means of being in real life. Well don't worry no longer fellow teens because if you want to ensure your future here's 4 steps to become either a couch potato or the predator.

1st Either live reality or know the way of the Predator. To know the way of the predator, you must commit yourself one hundred and ten percent. This here will express one's skill and progress, the more experience you have the higher rank status you will become. Like maybe your goal is to be the ultimate sexual predators, destroyer predators, Steelers predators, vandalizing predators or just an ordinary private 1st class couch potato. But to show your full potential problems of social network you must commit.

2nd Become one with the network devices, this will surly open you to many possibilities. Now to perfect this you must block any interceptions by any means. Why because you can't have any interruptions or any other chaotic alarming disturbance. This will be tough and very crucial but ultimately you must become one with the network.

3rd you must take note on what you do very carefully during the Social online Web sites. To share information with others and connect with them show your true feelings through a motto, slogan, blogs or any other social involvement. Then create a profile that may include a personal Web page and a blog. Eventually your true test well began with how you show yourself upon users or virtual friends. However you will have to be very elaborate on your secret identity by word choice, grammar and sending messages.

4th Computer predators are always rampant, to the use of computers. You must become part of people's daily lives, to give them a living hell. Now to truly mark yourself under what constitute computer predators, you have to become more superior with the ingenuity of people's lives by intending to misrepresent, destroy, steal information, or cause harm to others by accessing information through deceptive and illegal means. After you do your computer disturbance with the person attempt your engagement for the kill or any other predator way. Undertaking what it means to be a predator it is very important you cannot be caught otherwise you die!

Now if you follow these steps teens and elders you will surly fulfill your destiny and know the way of the predator.



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