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Urban Planning Gains Sustainability Edge

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Essay Preview: Urban Planning Gains Sustainability Edge

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Urban planning gains sustainability edge

"Urban planning gains sustainability edge," is an article from Gulf News newspaper written by Binsal Abdul Kader on 27th December 2011 (Kader, 2011). The article focuses on the Abu Dhabi's future urban infrastructure projects. As asserted by the reporter, futures' Abu Dhabi landscaping designs projects will be best suited in public places. In his article, the author indicates that by the year 2030, Abu Dhabi population growth rate will be 3 million up from the current 1.6 million (Kader, 2011). Due to this, the author indicates that the city's infrastructures will be stretched hence the need to built new infrastructures. This new infrastructures will accommodate space for trees between the road and residential intersections.

Through the Estidama program, the author reports that Abu Dhabi landscaping designs aims at saving irrigation water while providing shades for the residents in the city's arid environment. In the course of all these projects, the city aims at reducing the city's per capita water consumption currently ranked the highest globally (Kader, 2011). To achieve this, the author reports that city will not only employ efficient means of irrigation but will also restrict exotic trees that consume a lot of water. Similarly, the article indicates that with the aid of urban planning council (UPC), the city will develop manuals for the city's future infrastructure plans.

In his article, the reporter indicates that a Capital District will be designed in accordance to the pillars of sustainability and will be required to house UAE's federal ministries, foreign embassies and other government infrastructures. In the 2030 urban plan, the reporter indicates that UPC has already design the city's 2030 plan to be realized in the next 25 years (Kader, 2011). By so doing, the city aims at creating a unified economically powered society to preserve the country's culture. Lastly, the author affirms that UPC will protect the city unique ecology currently under the threat of the ever-increasing population growth rate (Kader, 2011).



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