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Video Game Industry Usa

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Hollywood and video game industry had been criticised by former President of United States, President Bill Clinton for advertising and selling violent entertainment to children and teenagers. Typical American children will watch more than 200 000 act of violence and 16 000 of murders before they reached 18 (Beresin 2010). Most of the media violence is presented for the sake of immediate thrills without having sense that it might give harm to other. Therefore this essay will focus more to the causes of media violence; great profit that media industry gain, negligence of the authorities and lack parental surveillance.

The first cause of the media violence is getting rampant is due to the great profit that media industry gain from producing the entertainment that contain violence. The profit that they gain shows the support from the society. Universal Music Group put the might of its international marketing machine behind artist like Eminem, Dr. Dre and Limp Bizkit that known for their bleak anthems of violence and hatred, often aimed at women, gays and lesbians. The Eminem Show made US$3.63 million in its first month of sales (Media Awareness Network 2010). It has been proved that profit of media industry gain from showing ferocity can promote the media violence.

In addition, the cause that leads to media violence is negligence of the authorities. At the first place, movies that contain excessive violence cannot be aired before 9.00 p.m. But, when Internet and video games start competing with television for young people leisure time, violence in media has grown rampantly. Cinema that showing R-rated film can easily sneaked by young teens and video games with the adult rating are rented and sold to the under-aged teens (Media Awareness Network 2010). There is no legislation to prevent them from doing so. Therefore, lack of surveillance from the authorities in publishing films, media violence will be getting more rampant in future.

The next reason that makes media violence gets even worse because of lack parental supervision. Statistic shows that most of American households have more than one television, and almost 50% of children have television in their rooms (Majority Staff Senate Committee of Judiciary 1999). Less parental surveillance will make their children exposed to the media violence and it will influenced them with the violence that contain in the entertainment that published by media industry. Therefore, parental surveillance is very important to ensure that the children be kept away from the media violence that can bring harm to them.

Then, these 3 causes give great effect to teens and children and these effect can be seen through their behaviour where they will immune to violence, gradually accept violence to solve problems and they will imitate the violence that they observe in television.

The rises of new media such as Internet and video games which are the interactive media bring great effect



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