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Marketing Case - Effectiveness of Video Games

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Essay Preview: Marketing Case - Effectiveness of Video Games

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Skill for study

Critically evaluate the educational video game can be valuable used to enhance learning in ways traditional methods cannot.


This essay would discuss the effectiveness of video game can be valuable used to enhance learning ways than compare with the traditional ways. With the development of information technology, video games become more popular in the world, especially in education. The application effectiveness of video game in education

The effectiveness of video can used in education is a sharp double-edged sword. While there are positive aspects, also there are also a large number of problems. So the application effectiveness of video game in education could from two aspects: internal application and external application. Internal application consist of improve the motivation to learn and enhance the performance of academic, the external application consist of the ability to elevate and expansion of knowledge(不明白这个到底想说什么?还是有从什么书上找到的?). However,(还有这个thesis statement不知道是什么?是觉得利大于弊还是弊大于利? Conclusion里的意思是它利大于弊是吧?)

Video game used in education

Video game has application in education after researchers found the video game has significant educational value. As a new education approach, video game attribute to improve the motivation of learn and interest of learn, which the traditional method cannot replace. Through empirical research, Rosas found application of the video game in education could effectively stimulate student motivation, also have a positive effect of classroom teaching. Becta (2004) for the CGE(全称是?) project indicated the video game has enhanced motivation to learn, inspire confidence and promote collaborative learning. Hakan Tuzun experimentally confirmed the video game has improved the effect of motivation. For instance, some student using video game to study mathematics that successful increased participation of students and inspire the students learning motivation, and achieved better academic performance than the traditional way.

The most successful and the most common form of educational games are the mini games targeting at preschool age and primary education level children. These games attempt to help young children to obtain basic skills such as numbers, letters, simple maths, and reading, offering entertainment and instruction for their target audience (Kickmeier-Rust, 2009).

Mini games are short computer games with basic rules and are easy to play. They are often completely focused on a concrete concept to be taught (conceptual mini games), in order to transform the game into a learning object. This sub-category of educational games has very simple rules which do not change while playing the game. Therefore, it is

easy for the teacher to evaluate the progress of the students (Illanas, Gallego, Satorre & Llorens, 2008).这个video game 和mini game 有什么关系?(还有就是到这儿为止不知道video games 对 enhance learning 有什么作用?具体有哪些啊?

When the video game based on its high level of participation and interest became a new education approach, it also has some negative effects. These negative effects have manifested themselves mainly in learning, health, social and psychological aspects. Meanwhile, the development of video game for education is not yet mature.

When the video game used in education, it could bring some health effects. Long-term play the video game will affect the health; result in eye fatigue, headaches. chest pain, fatigue and mood swings large(Tazawa et al.1997). Long-term addiction to video game will not only inhibit the normal development of left-brain, and particularly affect children's early and mid-term intellectual development(According to what?).

Cristina Conati and Xiaoming Zhou (2002) pointed out that educational video game should be limited using in education, widely application in education has an



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