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Violent Video Games Debate

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Essay Preview: Violent Video Games Debate

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In the United States these days, many people are complaining about their or other parent's children playing violent video games. In my opinion I think that violent games shouldn't be banned and stay the way it supposed to be. Teenagers that are 17 years of age can get whatever game they want and those games are always going to be rated mature. Parents should always know which video games are good for their kids, not only for video games but for everything else.

During this generation of new technologies, kids and teens are always playing and buying new video games and systems. Violent video games shouldn't be banned at all because the age is perfect and in my opinion violent video games always have long story modes which is so much fun to play and now these days, you can play through the internet and play with other people. Video game companies shouldn't get punished for something they are trying to make money for, the parents should get punished if anything because their buying the games. Studies showed from 1995-2008 that juvenile murders have dropped 72% and the arrests made were dropped 49%. During this 13 year period, video games have made so many sales which means that video games have been keeping teens and kids off the street which I would say is a positive thing. Another reason violent games should never be banned because the companies would lose money and this isn't good for the economy, mature teens also wouldn't be able to play games that they like to play just because certain teens play violent games and they decide to do stupid things.

Throughout my whole life, me and my dad used to always play video games together. He used to like Mario a lot so he would buy me a bunch of Mario games and we would play every night he came home from work. I didn't have an older brother so I really didn't know so much about violent games and my dad mostly encouraged me to play Mario and as I grew up, I started to play basketball, football, soccer, and baseball games all the time. I've always bought video games right when they came out and same with the systems, Mario games were only on Nintendo systems so I always had a Nintendo system every time the companies would bring out a new system. I would say I started to play violent video games including Grand Theft Auto when I was 11 years old, my parents didn't like it so much but they knew I was smart enough not to do any of that non sense in the games. When I was 14 years old, I started to play games like Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Halo. I have a little brother hes in 8th grade and hes turning 14 years old in August and throughout his life, hes been also playing Mario games like me and he still plays till today. He never really liked violent video games until he saw me playing Halo 3 about two years ago so he started playing it in the beginning of this year. I'm happy he never had interest in violent video games when



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