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Videogames and Violence

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Videogames and Violence

“Do violent video games contribute to youth violence” is a common questions everyone has been asking themself since the first release violent video game in 1970. Every since the first violent video, Death Race, came out in 1970 and concerns has been raising about violent video game and how much violence is in it. Also how it could affect those who are playing these types of games. About 97% of US kids at the ages of 12-17 have been contributing to the $23 Billion domestic video game industry. In this article, it will be talking about how bad violent video games are, how violent video games affect teens life and the people around them, and how to prevent violent video from hurting our society.

There has been links associating violent video games and the way one behaves playing it. For example the columbine high school shooting, which later they discovered that the two teenagers, Eric and Dylan, were both big fans of Doom. There are many more incidents that are blaming violent video games for the crimes. We should be concern because little teens are be addicted to playing violent video games and if violent video games are changing how one act by making them more aggressive, than the crime rate might increase dramatically. Those who play violent video games are being affect. There attitude towards thing might change, the way they respond to a situation will be more aggressive. Not only those who play violent video will be affect but those around then too. Like the columbine high school shooting or the six teenage who where arrested on june 2008 after taking part of an armed robbery and later said that their crime was inspired by a famous game series Grand Theft Auto.

We know the cause and effect of playing violent video games. Teen who play violent video games tends to become more aggressive, but how bad is it really? Well research shows that short time exposure to violent video games can lead to aggression tendency increase after a certain amount of game played. Also if a teen has been playing repeatedly for a long period of time, then that could really affect how one reacts to a real life event and and encourage aggression toward these events. if we don’t stop our kids from playing violent video games, then what will happen is that teen will become addicted these type of games and they will take it to the real world and harm other and themselves.

Ways to prevent teens from getting hold of violent video games and potentially harming other is that parent can use this ESRB rating that can ensure that the content they are but for their teen is age appropriate for them. One way they can prevent them from hurting other is by monitoring their children's behavior towards the game. One way that will not work is hiding there violent video games because eventually they will just find it. Another way that will not work is telling their child that they can’t



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