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Vietnam: A Country with Important Values

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Running head: Vietnam: A Country With Important Values

Vietnam: A Country with Important Values


Community College


Professor Elizabeth

May 4,2011


Vietnam is a country that is fortunate enough to have a government that looks out for the best interest of their people! They may seem harsh at times, however, their country has better living conditions and far more resources than some of the neighboring countries. Due to their population rules, unemployment rates are low and starvation is not an issue. In addition, government provided immunizations and improving health care has shown to be a benefit when it comes to birth and infant mortality rates. Vietnamese people also value a good education and the majority of their population is literate! Overall, Vietnam is a country with good values. The government and people both make the most of the resources available to them and its citizens can expect to live a relatively long life, especially when statistics are compared to some of the other nearby countries!

Vietnam: A Country with Important Values

Vietnam, more formally called the "Social Republic of Vietnam" is a country that has a pretty large population, and its neighboring countries are Laos and Thailand. It is also a country that seems to have its people's best interest at heart when it comes to their well-being. Their government takes part in trying to prevent disease and has also improved health care over time, though some choose not to accept it. They have also set in place guidelines that are used to control the population growth in their country. In addition to the government's efforts, the Vietnamese culture also makes the country very alluring as a place to live, especially when it is compared to some of its neighboring countries! As a matter of fact, when compared to a country like Laos, Vietnam is a dream country. The Vietnam people value their education and the greater majority of people there are literate! Vietnam also has a low unemployment rate, which is a good indicator of their financial stability. Overall, they are productive people that live in a reasonable environment and can expect to live a relatively long life!

While countries around Vietnam have poor living environments and deadly diseases, the Vietnam government does take the first step in preventing deadly diseases by "financing approximately eighty percent of routine EPI vaccines" (UNICEF- At a glance: Viet Nam- Statistics, 2006). This opportunity means that all families, rich or poor have access to disease preventing vaccines for their children! Although health care is steadily improving in Vietnam, pregnant women do not always take advantage of the facilities. For instance, the Hmong women of Vietnam choose to have home births because they like to perform rituals after the baby is born. (Vietnam's Challenge:Reducing Hmong Infant Mortality-International-Catholic Online, 2011)However, by choosing a home birth they are taking the risk of being without proper medical care should they have an emergency. For this reason, infant mortality rates are higher among the Hmong women than the traditional Vietnamese women who choose to use more sanitary health care facilities.

Another harsh, but important step that the Vietnam government enforces is its rule to control the population growth rate. People living in Vietnam are expected to have no more than two children and only special circumstances are an exception to this rule (Bandzak, 2011)! This rule came to exist by the government carefully observing the fact that multiplying people meant shortages in their country. For example, "food shortages and unemployment" increases ("Vietnam-Population", 2011). Therefore, people are expected to abide by the two-child policy and if they fail to obey then "punitive measures, such as pay cuts and denial of bonuses and promotions" are introduced ("Vietnam-Population", 2011).

When compared to some of the horrible countries surrounding Vietnam, the Vietnamese should feel blessed



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