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Vietnam University Entrance Exam Season

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Essay Preview: Vietnam University Entrance Exam Season

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Vietnam University entrance exam season

The university entrance exam is organized every year, chosen excellent candidates who will become the students of the universities or colleges in the nationwide. It was paid attention of most Vietnam people.

The University entrance exam is divided into 3 phases organized on July 4-5, 9-10, and 15-16, respectively. The exam is for group A consists of mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Approximately 680,000 candidates were expected to show up for the first examination day. Around 633,800 candidates were showed up for the second phase on July 9-10. The exams for subject groups B, C, and D. Group B comprises of Biology, chemistry, and mathematics, while group C includes literature, history, and geography. Group D involves mathematics, literature, and foreign languages. The third phase entrance exam will be organized on July 15-16.

The university entrance exam was paid attention of most social classes. There were a great deal volunteer students participate to help the candidates and their family in finding the university and the hotel location. A large number pagodas were ready for candidates living in free. In rush hour, the candidates can easily go to the venue because of traffic police fervour help. All people make the best condition for them.

The University entrance exam is divided into 3 phases organized on July 4-5, 9-10, and 15-16, respectively. Two phase exams is gone successfully. The exam was appreciated well and had good classification. In Hanoi city, the number of top university participation candidates decreased significantly compared to previous years, like Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), Foreign Trade University (FTU)... But experts have believed these universities will still keep high grade.



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