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Virhinia Tech Case

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Essay Preview: Virhinia Tech Case

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Virginia Tech.

The editorial is about the time after the school shooting at Virginia Tech, and how the devastated parents of the victims want the gun control loophole closed, and there is only one man standing in their way.

The topic of the editorial is the passage of the gun control measure, and all the troubles in doing so. The writer/writers is unknown, because it is typical that an editorial is written by several editors and therefor often doesn't have a byline. It reaches a large range of people, because it is published in the New York Times, which is a large American newspaper, that a large group of people read everyday. It reaches both young and elderly people.

The language is quite difficult, a lot of political terms are used in the editorial, which can be difficult to understand for a foreigner, but it is not a huge problem in this editorial because it is meant for Americans, who shouldn't find it hard to understand. The language is considerably ethos-laden because of the large use of political terms, which makes it more trustworthy, and you get the feeling that the writer know what they are talking about.

The writer's intention is first and foremost to inform the reader about the passing of the gun control measure, but it also wants to convey curtain feelings.

The feeling of willpower is conveyed in the editorial, the will to change the law after such a terrible massacre occurred and how determined the parents of the students at Virginia Tech are to make this happen. Also the feeling anger and sadness is conveyed in the editorial, you can imagine how angry all these parents must be, when they have lost their children, something that might not had occurred if the loophole hadn't been there- And now the measure has taken, what must feel like forever, to pass in the senate, because of one man, and the editorial blames a lot of the anger on him.

The first paragraph focuses mostly on the parents and the congress, and the support of the measure in the congress, but also on the fact that it was a long time ago since it was first proposed in April, and I October it still hasn't passed in the senate. It is very pathos-laden because it shows compassion with the parents who are still fighting for the measure to pass.

The second paragraph focuses on the rare partnerships that were formed gun control advocates and the NRA, who quickly agreed on passing the measure, but then it went into many discussions in the senate.

The third paragraph focuses on the sad parents who need to confront Senator Tom Cobum, to see if they can change his mind, since he is one of the only obstacles in their way.

The fourth paragraph focuses on Senator Cobum and his concern with the passing of the measure. Its function is to make the reader see his side of the matter.

The fifth paragraph focuses on the mistake that was made



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