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Virtual Local Area Network (vlan) Plan

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Essay Preview: Virtual Local Area Network (vlan) Plan

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Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) is one of the latest and most recent technologies that have been developed in the last few years. The Local Area Network technologies are becoming very popular and growing at a very fast pace. Having a secure network and implementing the proper equipment has become very expensive. I believe it is important to have a cost-effective network without having to sacrifice the networks security and performance and this is where VLAN comes into play.

The great thing about VLAN is the functionality for networks since they are made especially for separating the networks into different broadcasts while they each represent different functionalities. VLANS work well for businesses with many departments because it can be implemented specifically for that individual department. It is important to know a couple of things before implementing a VLANjavascript:activate_paper(132998). One must have a layer 2 switch and know that a VLAN requires special hardware that is built in the switch.

Based on how the network infrastructure and security policies are setup, VLANS can be implemented by using two separate methods: Dynamic or Static memberships. Static VLAN memberships are where network administrators statically configure the VLAN port. The VLAN memberships on the switch ports are appointed on a port to port basis. Dynamic memberships are where a VLAN management policy server automatically assigns VLAN ports. To determine the VLAN assignment, the MAC address of the node is used. Here are some of the benefits that come along with implementing a VLAN: Reduction of routing for broadcasting, virtual group model, efficiency, and network security.

The access links are used to connect hosts, and trunk links are used to connect to the backbone of the network. It is important for one to know about the login that dictates the type of links and interface that are used in order to know about the operations of access and trunk links. VLAN assembles independent LAN stations independent to their locations with a bridged LAN infrastructure.

The VLAN Trunk protocol known as VTP can be used to supply automatic definitions from the core switch to the distribution switches. When the VLAN definition has broadcasted to the distribution switch, then it is possible to start assigning the ports to the VLAN. The VLAN Trunk Protocols is a Layer 2 messaging protocol which can be used to remove, add, and change VLANs that are on a network. VLAN offers great benefits, one being that it removes the physical boundary with the only required criteria being careful planning during the implementation phase. VLANs are not able to pass along traffic to another VLAN. This must be considered when implementing a VLAN.

According to all the factors and details, a network engineer or someone with great knowledge on the subject can decide which would be the best way about the implementation



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