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Vpn Virtual Private Network

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VPN virtual private network is a secured technology used by many business organizations for communication and data transfers over public networks like Internet.A virtual private network (VPN) is a secured, low cost technology to make a connection between two or more devices through a public network like the internet. The devices can be either a computer or any other special device like VPN enabled router. It can be used to connect home computer to the office network or two computers at different locations over the internet. A strong encryption technique is used to make VPN's secure over the internet. VPN is created to reduce the cost and complexity of remote connections. AVPN server is part of software or hardware that can act as gateway. It always remains on to listen VPN clients for making connections. A VPN client is also a piece of hardware or software, and it logs on by initiating call to server. VPN technology is based on idea of tunneling. VPN protocols are used to construct and transmit packets by encapsulation on sender side and de-encapsulation on receiver side between VPN client and server, to create and maintain logical network connection. VPN tunneling is of two kinds, first is the compulsory tunneling in which the carrier network setups and manage the connection between client and server, immediately after the client makes connection with network. Second is the voluntary tunneling in which connection is managed by VPN client. Client connects to the internet, and then VPN client application creates the tunnel to a VPN server over the internet to establish connection between VPN client and VPN server.



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