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Virtual Team Charter Defined

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Team Charter

Virtual Team Charter Defined

A virtual team charter is created by the members of the group where boundaries and

goals are instated. These goals and boundaries are discussed and agreed upon by all entities

within the team. Goals and boundaries are created to eliminate any misunderstandings as

to what each member's duties are. A timeline of when tasks are due, is also an important task

that has to be agreed upon at the beginning. Communication is key to a successful team charter

and lack thereof, is detrimental to the team progressing in a positive direction.

Steps taken within a virtual team charter would be to first select a leader for the group.

The person who accepts the task of leader should be one who is able to effectively delegate tasks

accordingly, to each member, and give information as to what is expected of each member. The

leader should also maintain a constant line of communication and positive reinforcement in

order to keep the team motivated to finish the project. The leader is the foundation to a

successful team, and therefore has to go above and beyond to keep all of the members on task.

Behavior within a team charter should be such that respect and dedication by each

member is displayed. If any disagreements arose, it is vital that the team immediately

discuss the issue at hand. The leader must mediate between the members who are in

disagreement and help to arrive at a viable resolution which suits each member. Creating a conference time via telephone would also be a feasible option.



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