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Team Charter

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Our team’s goal is to achieve above 95% overall on the project.  Another essential goal is to ensure that everyone treats one another equally.  We need to encourage and listen to one another’s idea or questions because everyone is unique and has something special to contribute.  We also have a goal of finishing parts of the project a minimum of three days before the due date.  This is so we can discuss outcomes as a team, plus ensue the information is accurate.  Our group is looking forward to beginning the project and achieving our goals.


First of all, we expect 100% input from each team member during group meetings.  We agreed that the best way to evaluate each team member would be to break down our criteria into the following different categories with different percentages:







Total Evaluation


We expect that our team members come to the meetings with a positive attitude, ready to work, and show 100% productivity.  All are expected to listen to and respect one another through the communication that goes on.  Attendance is mandatory, unless critical circumstances arise; this shows fairness among all group members by taking time out of their daily lives to commit to the group.  Additionally, all are expected to consistently keep up with their part of the group work and not fall behind, negatively impacting the rest of the group.

Project Plan:

We plan to meet on Thursdays for one hour before class and after school in order to keep up with the assignment together as a group, as well as make sure everyone is completing their assigned work.  The best time for our group to meet is from 12pm – 2pm on Thursdays, a second meeting time option is 12pm – 2pm on Mondays.  The project should be completed by the beginning of March.



It’s expected that every member will attend every meeting.  If a member is unable to attend a meeting they must have a valid reason and give the group advanced notice.  Meetings will be held during school hours.  At least one days’ notice will be given when scheduling or re-scheduling meetings.  If a member fails to adhere to the attendance expectations such as not attending a group meeting or not giving enough notice of a potential absence this group member will lose 2% per meeting with a total potential loss of 10%.


Each member is to come prepared to every meeting.  If a member is not prepared with the assigned work completed, and not engaged in group meetings, a portion of their participation mark will be lost.  This portion will be negotiated based on the severity of lack of involvement in the group.  It can be as much as a 10% loss in total.


If a member fails to keep up with the group status whether by checking their e-mail regularly or by not e-mailing others on their progress, this will result in a 1% deduction with a maximum of 5% loss.  It is each group member’s responsibility to consult with the team leader Samantha Chambers if they are struggling with anything.  Conflicts that don’t involve all group members will first be dealt with in person by those who are involved in the conflict in private.  If the two parties are unable to resolve the dispute then they will bring it to the attention of the team leader, again in private, in order to resolve the problem.  Conflicts are not to be discussed a team meetings unless all members are directly involved in the conflict.



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