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Team Charter

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In this article, Chuck Gallozzi explains that in today's society the main focus is responsibility, personal responsibility to be exact. When taking on responsibilities, we are accountable for all the choices we make, not the individuals around us. We are responsible for the actions we take upon ourselves whether if it's good or bad. While some people may think personal responsibility can be a burden, it's simply isn't. It's a blessing as Gallozzi mentioned. You have the freedom and opportunity to make your own decisions. While it may be easy to target others for your own decisions making and actions, take a personal self reevaluation. If you're not happy with how your life is going, it's never too late to start making changes. Once you start changing what you dislike or want to better in your life, everything will get better rather than you questioning yourself about certain things like your success, occupation, lifestyle, etc. You have to be willing to accept change and carry it out before anything starts to get better. The two most important realizations you gain from being able to obtain personal responsibility and change is "personal transformation" and learning to be responsible than just having it as a thought. All the decisions we make are for our benefits and in order to be happy and successful, we must begin by choosing the right decisions.

Personal Responsibility

This particular source is exceptionally reliable because it expresses the same feelings and concerns I have towards personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is something you inhabit as you get older. As we age, the number of responsibilities we have increases as well. As children, we learn and are taught from our parents how to take on responsibility but to carry out personal responsibility it comes from within. Learning to accept that hardships and obstacles will come along in our lives, it is how we handle our situations and our resolutions that impact us the most, as Gallozzi mentions in his article. This is also a relevant source because it supports my thoughts that you are the main person held responsible for how you feel, act, and think. You are in charge for every bad and good decision you make, and the outcomes of them. I believe the author was very neutral with arguing his viewpoints. He explains the pros and cons of accepting personal responsibility.

With his different viewpoints, I'm able to see personal responsibility the same way he does which strengthens my essay. This information strengthens my essay since I've argued that I'm given complete freedom to make my own decisions and taken on full responsibility for my actions and the outcome of every decision I make. Because of just me and my father being the only individuals in my household who are working, it resulted



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