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Vodafone Case

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The company was founded in 1982, and is a public limited company which was incorporated in England.

It was renamed as Racal Telecom in Sept 1988, but again in July 2000 it reverted back to its former name Vodafone Group PLC.

Vodafone has a very significance presence in Europe, Asia, Middle East and United Kingdom.


To be one of the most trusted company in the market by satisfying their customers in each and every field.

The main principles Vodafone

Vision for the future

Interest in the customer

Staff Oriented

Result Driven

Products & Services:

Voice mobile telecommunication services.

Mobile text centre (messaging services).

Data services, Internet Services, and Roaming Services.

Devices (Handset accessories and Vodafone mobile Connect).

Future Agenda of Vodafone:

Starts a foresight project which will bring all the informed people together to address the big challenges facing society over the next decades.

Recently Vodafone has selected EDS and IBM to manage its application development and maintenance services in a global IT outsourcing to reduce the cost.

Vodafone also provides outsourcing services to Health care group of companies such as Ceuta Health care group of companies.

BANGALORE: IBM, the world's largest tech services company, has renegotiated its outsourcing contract with Vodafone Essar and signed an extended deal estimated at around $1 billion to manage IT systems for the country's third-biggest phone firm till 2017.

In 2007, Vodafone had signed an over $400-million, five-year outsourcing contract with IBM. The contract was to expire next year. According to at least three people, one of whom was part of the negotiations, both the companies agreed to restructure the contract last month estimated at $800 million-1 billion.



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