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Vulva Panel in Megaloceros Gallery

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Essay Preview: Vulva Panel in Megaloceros Gallery

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1. There are more than 10 different kinds of animals depicted in the case. Seven of them are bison, ibex, mammoth, bear, cervid, horse and feline.

2. One of the anatomical form is Vulva Panel in Megaloceros Gallery. This type of imagery might have been significant to prehistoric peoples because they should be the symbol of reproductive worship, which have been highly important to prehistoric society. According to the researches, the prehistory human society is matriarchal, which means the female takes the leadership. This reflects that in prehistoric society, reproductive was important since their rate of birth was low while the rate of death was high. Moreover, it is females that give birth to lives. To be specific, more people means they could have more labors and more protections and thus all the members in the community could have more chance to survive. Consequently, they attached great importance to breeding as well as females. Therefore, those imageries meant a lot to them because they leveraged these to wish they could have more descendants.

3. Drawing lines from Brunel Chamber South and dots created by palms painted with ocher from Brunel Chamber North are two different kinds of hand prints found in the cave.

4. Prehistoric people use various techniques to do cave images. In addition to applying pigment, relief and engraving were also used in making images in caves.

5. Dominoes from Brunel Chamber North and Brunel Hand dots from Chamber North are two of non-figural images and forms in the cave.

6. Mammoth Pendant from Cactus Gallery as well as Black Mammoth and Feline from Cactus Gallery use shading to create dimension as well as contour.

7. Ibex of the Recess from Brunel Chamber South uses the natural contours of the rock surface to create dimension in the image.



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