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Yale University Art Gallery - Deer Drinking

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Essay Preview: Yale University Art Gallery - Deer Drinking

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Yale University Art Gallery - Deer Drinking

I fell in love with this postcard because of the subtle water colors used.

I think the painting is beautiful and the longer I observed it, the more

relaxed I felt. The deer just looks very comfortable and natural as she

refreshes herself. It's a realistic painting as well, something I would

see if I were in the woods or at a lake. I love how clear and clean the

water is and how the deer is staring at her own reflection peacefully.

It reminds me of my childhood because the lake resembles the one

my family would go to every summer in Maine. I also picked this

painting because of my love for animals. I love seeing animals

free in their habitats living as any other being does. Everything

about this painting warms my heart and brings a smile to my

face because overall it's simple but powerful.

Yale Center For British Art - L'Enfant du Regiment

This painting grasped my attention because of the emotion that I felt for

this little girl. At first I thought she was sleeping on a couch peacefully

with a coat that looks like it belongs to a male figure, maybe her father's.

However, after studying the painting I realized that she is injured and

is actually sleeping on a tomb but she still looks peaceful. It brought back

memories of times when my life was so hectic around me yet I was

oblivious to it. I always wanted to appear strong even if I wasn't really

sure what was going on. I can't completely comprehend what chaos the

little girl has experienced but I feel as humans we all experience hardships

and chaos which is why I can relate to her. It makes me want to just hold

and hug her and tell her everything is going to be alright. This painting is

very powerful and brings my mind to race with emotion.



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