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War with Korea

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Elbon Flanagan

Ms Richards

Period 2


War with Korea

Personally, I didn't find many pros to this argument. I didn't think that war with Korea was a good idea because of the possible fatalities that war promises. On the other hand, the group that presented this topic did s good job providing a fairly balanced pro and con chart. They explained some of the positives and gave me all I needed to write on the topic.

The topic is not in any way benign like the other one; the teenage driving age. War would have a grand effect on all parts of both American and Korean societies. American industries, as well as agriculture, would be channeled into eliminating the Korean threat. Meanwhile, innumerable numbers of soldiers from both sides would clash, leaving wives husbandless, and many children missing a parent and possibly losing that parent. Food would be rationed, propaganda instituted into out daily lives, while the threat of nuclear warfare leaves society fear stricken. But there is a positive side.

Wartime also promises industrial growth, as the demand for ammunition and other wartime goods increases. This would lead to a decreased unemployment. Increased productivity and more jobs would boost our economy, possibly countering the national debt that war with Korea could create. War also tends to bring society chooser together, binding communities with a sense of national pride and the sense of serving a greater purpose.

Because the thought of a great nuclear war in my generation scares me, I am against war with Korea. I do recognize the possible pros, but I believe the cons are much greater.



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