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Weaknesses Case

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fdvsvfsvManufacturing sector

1. Can you tell about your company?

Company are called N'AZUAN BAKERY was formed 1 year ago and located at Putatan.

2. What do your company do?

Company are specialty in custom made bakery.

3. What product/services you give?

We provided wedding cake, bun, bread, cupcakes etc.

4. Can you tell the level of employee do your company need?

Chief Chef, two assistant chef, sales person and cleaner.

5. What are the qualification are needed to apply for position in your company?

Chief Chef - Diploma in culinary arts

Qualification is not important because recruitment is mostly based on experience and skill.

6. Does experience needed? If yes, what are the time lines? Why?

Yes, time line is not important. During the recruitment, direct demonstration from the candidates.

7. How do you want your potential employee to act?

Hard-working, creativity, well organize, motivated to do the work

8. List all the skill that your company need in an employee?

Able to use the kitchen hardware efficiently.

9. Do your company provide training?

Yes. The training is given by the chief chef every day. Chief Chef will demonstrate the skill to the new workers

10. What are the challenges you encounter when providing training?

Did not take training well because not motivated to do so, lack of discipline, not confident with their self and cause them not able to express their work.

11. Does gender effect your decision in recruitment?

Yes. Because male are not productive when doing their work. Female are more organise, hardworking and motivate.

12. Do health conditions important?

Yes, because in a food industry, health and cleanliness are important. Customers will not interested to buy food that are low in hygiene.

13. Does transportation needed?

No because it will be ready by the company

14. What are your biggest disappointments to see in an employee?



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