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Web-Based Performance Appraisal System

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Date: October 24, 2012

To: Miguel: Manager

From: Doug: Vice President of Human Resources

Subject: Web-Based Performance Appraisal System

I am requesting information on a user-friendly Web-Based Performance Appraisal System that will help our managers and their executives with their performance appraisal. It should simplify our appraisal and allow each manager and executive to view their subordinates' daily performance, and save time.

Focusing on the Primary and Secondary Audiences

I have identified the primary as the vice president of marketing and the secondary as the four managers and their executives. We have to make sure that the secondary audiences know that this is a user-friendly program that would be beneficial in their daily operation. The system must help to decrease the amount of time spent doing appraisal and also provide a daily snapshot of their subordinates' performance.

How will the Audience Initially React to the Message?

The audience will react positively if we find a system that caters to their needs exclusively. Since the managers are having a rough time completing and turning in appraisals, user friendly software would alleviate their anxieties.

How Much Information Does the Audience Need?

The information for our audience will address their basic need in their day to day operation. The presentation shouldn't go in depth to create any confusion. Only the basic operation is necessary.

What Obstacles Must You Overcome?

Some of the main obstacles we have to plan for prior to the implementing this system are the type of training our managers and executives need and the manpower to conduct training that would not affect the company's bottom line.

What Positive Aspects Can You Emphasize

The system must help to reduce the time spent by managers and their executives drafting and reviewing performance appraisals on paper; it must allow more time for interactions between the managers, executives and subordinates. It would also provide immediate access for the vice president to view performance information on everyone throughout the organization.

What Are the Audience's Expectations about the Appropriate Language, Content, and Organization of Messages?

The system would avoid all terms that would describe the cultures of our employees. This would help the organization to determine if the managers are fair in their appraisal and what are the check and balances.

How Will the Audience



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