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Using Performance Appraisals for Improvement

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Essay Preview: Using Performance Appraisals for Improvement

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Using Performance Appraisals for Improvement

For this assignment, I have to address if performance appraisals are necessary and how they might relate to an organization's strategy. Also, I will evaluate whether performance appraisals are effective or not, and if frequency of such appraisals are relevant. In addition, I have to acknowledge that supervisors often despise performance appraisals, and as a result of that I shall suggest how to address the issues with supervisors so that they are more willing to appraise employee performance. In conclusion, I shall express what role that I feel performance appraisals have in motivating people and developing their careers, or whether they might actually de-motivate employees.

Performance appraisals are not very highly looked upon in most workplaces. However, they are necessary so that an employee can know how they are viewed by their supervisors, and they can also know areas that are views as strengths and weaknesses in their work environment. Performance appraisals can often be uncomfortable because, ironically some individuals become very uncomfortable when they are receiving praise for a job well done. On the other hand, these appraisals can become uncomfortable for another reason - and that is because nobody really enjoys hearing areas that they need improvement in. In relation to the article, "Frequency Matters", it suggests that the supervisors serve as the role of coach or counselor, not disciplinarian, to focus on the areas of improvement. I think this is another way of saying that the supervisor is, in fact, disciplining the employee because they are telling them what they are doing "wrong" - or, what can be done "better". The current culture of the workplace is pretty much "no news is good news", and it will be a long time before most employees see that being

called into your supervisor's office CAN be a GOOD thing. Usually, it feels like being called to the Principal's Office in school - where, for the most part, nothing good ever came out of that situation.

I can understand how trying to get an employee to come "on board" with a new strategy of the company, or by telling an employee that they only need to produce "THIS MUCH MORE" to receive the next bonus level, is a positive aspect of performance appraisals. Also, I can admit that having a supervisor take an active interest in your career goals and aspirations could help to build an employee's loyalty to that company - especially if such desired positions and career moves are available within the organization. However, it is going to be extremely difficult to change the current environment and attitude among employees, who feel that there is always an 'ulterior motive' when their supervisor takes a sudden interest in their career. Conversely, I suppose that if pre-arranged



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